About Chatty Sparkly Running

Between us, we have forty years of run coaching experience. We live and breathe the philosophy of Chatty Sparkly Running with the runners we coach and in our own training. We’ve been running for as long as we can remember, maybe longer, and hundreds of runners have been successfully coached by us, many of whom started as walk2run group members.

We know that Chatty Sparkly Running works and we understand the physiology behind why it works. We can show you how relaxed fun rather than hard work will transform your running.

We’re Anne Thorpe and Colin Lancaster and we are excited to welcome you into the world of Chatty Sparkly Runners.

Chatty Running

Chatty Running means being able to talk comfortably in full sentences while you pound the pavements or cross the countryside in your running shoes.

It is all about tuning into your body and being aware of your breathing.

Of course, Chatting Running is best done with a friend as you can catch up on all your news but you can still run chatty if you are a lone runner.

Anne Thorpe

Anne is a successful running coach who specialises in beginners or ‘walk to run’ coaching. She has a Leading in Running Fitness qualification from England Athletics and is a Lydiard Level 2 running coach. Anne has been leading walk to run sessions in Ludlow and Church Stretton for the last 4 years. Her Ludlow Runner’s beginner’s session is regularly oversubscribed.

Anne runs alongside her groups and teaches people to run at a ‘chatty pace’. She believes that everyone can run once they have learnt the benefits of gentle paced running. Many people who began running with Anne have subsequently taken part in half marathons and marathons. Equally, others continue to run and enjoy maintaining their fitness and continue to feel the health benefits of regular exercise.

Colin Lancaster

Colin has been coaching for over 35 years, initially in Leeds and in the last 15 years in Shropshire. He is a Level 3 UK Athletics coach and tutors coach education for England and Welsh Athletics. He is also a founding member of Lydiard Foundation UK and organises coaching courses.

Colin’s years of experience have led him to recognise the importance of each client understanding how their exercise programme works. Colin knows that it is important for people to be aware of the correct level of exercise for best progress and the reasons for starting out gently.

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