When to use faster running paces

We explain when to use faster running paces in your training. We look at what the faster aerobic paces are and when can you use them in your training week.

After six weeks of gentle Chatty running you will notice your fitness has improved. Your Chatty pace will be getting faster without any extra effort.

Chatty running isn’t just for beginners. It is one of the most important paces for all runners, even for elite runners taking part in top competitions. For a proportion of the training year their running will be nearly all Chatty, with some Sparkles.

Chatty running has huge benefits for everyone as it is where the magic happens. Running Chatty causes the major adaptions needed in your body to make you fitter and faster.

If you are running Chatty and you are improving don’t change what you are doing.

If all the major adaptions happen at Chatty pace, why run any faster?

  1. Your body responds to variety. Increasing the pace slightly and you will stimulate different muscles.
  2. Introducing slightly faster paces also makes your training week more interesting.

Use a variety of aerobic paces in your week. Mix them up. Include some walking, Superchatty running, and ‘breathy’ running as well as your normal Chatty pace.

How to add different aerobic paces to your week?

Running twice a week : Keep Chatty with one Chatty run and one Chatty run with Sparkles

Running three times a week: Once you are running three times a week and you can run for an hour non-stop, one of your sessions can include some ‘breathy’ pace running. Here is how to add this pace into a run.

A typical ‘breathy’ run.

Start with a three to five minute walk. Follow this with a Superchatty run for a few minutes and then Chatty pace for another ten minutes. You only have to do a tiny amount of ‘breathy’ running to stimulate improvement. Five minutes at first is all that you need. You can increase the amount over the weeks until you can sustain ‘breathy’ pace for twenty to thirty minutes.

Running five times a week: If you are running five times your week will include a long run, two Chatty runs with Sparkles, one ‘breathy’ run as described above and another ‘Fun Fartlek’. Find out how to run a Fun Fartlek here.

What about running faster than ‘breathy’ pace?

The next pace up is called ‘part sentence pace’ but it causes a level of acidity to build up in your muscles, so it is best avoided. We will cover this in a future video. It is often called Tempo running but it is easy to overdo this pace, so we don’t recommend it.

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