Why Chatty Sparkly Running Works

We give you five reasons why Chatty Sparkly Running works counting down to the most important of all.

Number 5 Chatty Running Lets Progress Happen

The Chatty Sparkly Running approach doesn’t force progress. It is a relaxed long term approach to improving your running. Improvement doesn’t happen with each run you do and if you relax and enjoy your running, concentrating on doing a little more each week, progress will happen. Take our Chatty challenge for six weeks, gradually increasing the amount of running you do, and see how much you progress by week six. Remember it’s the volume of running you do not the speed you go at that makes you a faster runner.

Number 4 The Sparkles Make You a More Efficient Runner

Adding Sparkles to one or two runs will help improve your running style and make you a more efficient runner. They make you feel good and will make you smile! Sparkles are ten seconds of faster running that will not tire you out. They help to make you more flexible and coordinated. You will find more information on how to Sparkle here.

Number 3 Chatty Running is Enjoyable

It treats your body gently. It’s not about hard work as we have too much hard work and stress in our lives. Forget the ‘no pain no gain’ adage. Your body responds best to being treated gently. If you ‘bash’ it each time you go out for a run it will soon break down. You only need to do a little more running than you are used to in order to improve and because it’s enjoyable you will want to do more.

Number 2 Chatty Running Makes You Keep Running Gently

Chatty running allows you to keep it relaxed because you run at a comfortable conversational pace. If you can’t talk walk. It’s very important that you walk if you can’t run at a Chatty pace but don’t worry you will soon find that you can run if you keep up the walking. Make sure that your breathing is hardly perceptible. If you can feel a marked intake of breath at the end of a sentence you are working a little to hard. Slow the pace and make sure you run in a relaxed, fun way.

Ignore the idea that gentle running is nothing more than ‘junk miles’. Any extra exercise you do will get you fitter and is not ‘junk miles’. Run faster and you will get too tired and this can lead to illness and injury.

Number 1 Chatty Running Creates a New You

Chatty running done properly can change you dramatically. It uses the power of adaption to create a new you. Your body is changing all the time. with your blood cells renewing every six weeks and your stomach lining every few hours, for example. Your body renews itself all time so by running Chatty and doing the right amount of exercise you get your body changing the way you want it to be. In six months, you can create a new you. Chatty running will give you more energy and vitality. It will make you more relaxed, injury and fatigue free.

Take six weeks to see that Chatty Sparkly running works and six months to create a new you.

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