Five Ways to Vary Your Chatty Running

So you have mastered Chatty running. What do you do next? We give you five ways to vary your Chatty running.

Your Body Loves Variety

As a Chatty runner you don’t have to go out and do the same thing all the time. If you run 5k every time you go out, you won’t approve as much as if you vary the distance. for example, a longer run will give you a bigger training effect and a shorter run will help you recover.

Running two or three times a week

If you run twice a week, one run of an hour and another of 35 minutes is perfect. When you come to add a third run it could be a medium run of 45 minutes.

Running Five Days a Week

Once you are running five times a week, include one long run of an hour and a half , two medium runs of 45 minutes and two shorter 35 minute runs.

Vary Your Routes

Having decided to vary the time you run for, it makes it more likely that you will vary your routes. You may end up choosing a hilly route for one of your runs or go off road for part of another which will make your running more interesting. Your body responds to variation and it will adapt to all the different things you give it.

Add Sparkles to a Run

Vary your pace by adding Sparkles to one of your runs. You can find out how to Sparkle here. Keep your long run gentle and add Sparkles to a medium run. It’s best to keep the short run as a simple recovery jog. If you run five times a week add Sparkles to the two medium runs. There are lots of different ways to Sparkle. Check out this video to find out more.

Here are the five ways to vary your running:

Make one run a long run.

Keep at least one run as a short recovery run.

Add a medium run if you run more than twice a week.

Vary the routes of your runs.

Add Sparkles into one or two of your runs.

Remember that variety is what your body will respond. So if you are tempted to go out of the door and do the same thing every time, try our five ways to add variety.

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