How To Sparkle

In this video, Colin and Anne talk about Sparkly running and Colin demonstrates some Sparkly runs on the beach.

Sparkly Runs are short efforts of faster running lasting no more than 10 seconds. They are good fun and won’t make you out of breath or tired. This is because in order to Sparkle you use free ‘start up’ energy that is already in your muscles.  It takes about three minutes for your body to replace that energy, so you will need a rest after each Sparkle.

How to Sparkle

Make sure you have warmed up with a ten to fifteen minute run first. Then find somewhere flat, or slightly downhill, to sparkle. Run at a fast but relaxed pace for ten seconds. You can count one thousand, two thousand until you get to ten thousand. Walk back to the start and after two minutes Sparkle again. You will need to wait the full three minutes before the third Sparkle so if you want to run Chatty for a bit go ahead. After this third Sparkle you can take two minutes to recover before the final Sparkle.

If you don’t want to stop in the middle of a run, you can do a Sparkle at any time you come to a flat section on your route. Sparkle, then walk for a few seconds before you carry on running Chatty until you feel like Sparkling again. Just remember to run at least for three minutes between each Sparkle.

The first time you Sparkle be conservative and don’t go too fast. Listen to your body and if you have any aches or twinges stop Sparkling and carry on Chatty running. It’s better to build up the speed of your Sparkles gradually than go too fast and risk straining something!

Remember Sparkles are not sprints. They are fast relaxed bursts of up to ten seconds that are so much fun they make most people smile!


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