How to run faster over 5 km -part 2

Colin and Anne talk about how to make small changes to your training to run faster over 5 km.

In our last video we outlined three simple steps you can take, without changing your training, to help you run faster over 5km. This week we look at how you can adjust your training to improve your running speed. First let’s look at the Chatty Sparkly golden rules of training.

Treat your body gently

The human body likes to be treated gently. You don’t need to train fast to run fast. If you want to improve your 5 km time then the first thing to do is to make sure you are running Chatty on your training runs.

Make sure your runs are Chatty

If you are tired after your runs, and it all feels like hard work, then you are running too fast. Slow down, treat your body gently and make sure your running is relaxed and enjoyable. Once you have done this then you will be able to do more. The key to getting faster over 5 km is in the amount of running you do.

It is the volume of Chatty running you do that will make you a faster runner. The adaptations that happen in your body when you run gently, make your Chatty pace faster and will also make your 5 km pace faster. Slow down, run more and you will stimulate these adaptions. If you run fast you will run less, as you need more recovery time. Your body will struggle to adapt if you are tired all the time.

Do more Chatty running

To get faster all you need to do is more Chatty running.

Add five minutes to one of your runs every week or add another run into your week. Find out how to do this by clicking here.

Build up very gradually and give yourself a rest every so often. Have one week in three or four when you don’t do any more.

Watch out for signs that you are doing too much. You should finish each run feeling like you could have gone faster and could do more.

Give yourself time to improve too. Don’t rush it. You should see an improvement in fitness after six weeks and definitely after three months.

But what if I can’t fit any more running into my week?

We lead busy lives and sometimes it’s just not possible to go out running another time in the week or stay out running for much longer than we already do. Slowing down and making sure that you are running Chatty first will help. Give yourself six weeks to see if your Chatty pace gets faster. Remember, if your Chatty pace gets faster so does your 5k pace.

Add a little bit of faster running into your week

Once you reach the point where you are no longer improving then it’s time to add a little faster running into your week.

One way to do this is to do one of your runs a little faster but not the whole run. By faster we mean at breathy pace.

What is breathy pace?

Many people run at this pace thinking it’s Chatty. This is because you can still just about talk in full sentences. However, it’s not comfortable. It’s easy to fool yourself that it is comfortable because breathy pace is a lovely pace to run at. Colin calls it cruise pace. It feels good as you are motoring along without too much effort. The difference is you have to take a big breath at the end of each sentence.

How to add some breathy running into one run a week

There are several ways to add some breathy paced running into one of your runs during the week.

Warm up first with ten to fifteen minutes of Chatty running. Then choose from the following options.

1. Run for two minutes at breathy pace. Be conservative as it isn’t much faster than Chatty pace. Check your breathing at the end. Make sure you are not huffing and puffing.  Run Chatty for two to three minutes. Then repeat this four more time; a breathy two minutes followed by two to three minutes of Chatty recovery.

If you find you are tiring then slow the pace. It is likely you are running the two minutes too fast.

2. Once you are confident that you have found breathy pace. Increase the two minutes to five minutes. After five minutes breathy, run Chatty for at least three minutes, or longer, to recover. Then repeat the five minutes breathy.  

3. You can progress to running breathy for a full ten minutes once you are confident in your pacing. If running breathy for the full ten minutes feels hard then you are going too fast.Go back to options one or two to help you find the right pace.

Things to remember

Breathy running isn’t much faster than Chatty pace. The following golden rules apply and you should be able to answer ‘yes’ to all these at the end of your slightly faster run. If not slow down next time.

Did you finish feeling fresh, like you still had more in the tank?

Was it fun and enjoyable?

Did it feel like you were running faster but with only a little effort?

Join us next week for another way to add some faster running into your week with a fun Fartlek session.

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