Tips to Get You Out of the Door and Running

We give you some Chatty Sparkly top tips, suggested by our Facebook group members, to help you get out of the door and running.

Organising Yourself

Get your running kit ready the night before if you are planning to run early in the morning. When at home, put your kit on in the morning if you intend to run later in the day.

Take your running to kit to work and plan to do a run on the way home. Change before you leave work and set off as soon as you get home. Make use of that slow cooker in the cupboard by preparing your evening meal in the morning so you can focus on running when you get home.

If you can, run to and from work. This saves time on your commute.

Arrange to run with a friend or a ‘friendly no pressure running group’. You are less likely to back out of a run if someone is waiting for you.

Give yourself another reason to go out. It might be listening to a page turner of a book or a podcast. Having the time to listen without interruption is a useful carrot to get you out of the door.

Setting Yourself a Challenge

Plan to do an event or race that you will need to train for. Every run you do will have a reason behind it and will bring you one step closer to your gaol.

Other challenges might be virtual, like those set on running apps or to simply help you increase and reach your step target for the day. You will find more about running challenges here.

What to Do When it’s Still a Struggle to Get Out of the Door

What if you have tried all our tips to get you out of the door and running? Sometimes you can just feel too tired and this stops you getting out. In this case change into your kit and set off walking. You may feel better once you get going and the walk can become a run. If you still don’t feel like running then a walk will have helped to destress you and relieve the fatigue of the day.

Give yourself permission to do what your body is capable of doing on the day. Don’t beat yourself up if you walk instead of run or is you didn’t get out at all. Your body will tell you if you need to rest. Be kind to it and your vitality will soon return.

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