How to Enjoy Your Long Run

We give you some tips to help you enjoy your long run.

The Importance of the Long Run

The long run is the most important run of the week because it’s the time on your feet that makes you fitter and faster. A long run for an experienced runner will be anything from one hour and forty five minutes plus but for beginners it may be around an hour. If you can get your long run up to two hours then there are significant benefits which you can find out about here.

Chatty Sparkly Tips for Enjoying Your Long Run

Go with friends making sure that you run at the same pace. Having someone to chat to makes the time go much quicker.

Stay Chatty. Keep it slow and you will grow as a runner. It’s the amount of running you do not the speed you go at that will make you a better runner. The long run should be easy and a good way to de-stress from a busy week. Running at a gentle pace gives your mind the chance to wander and is an opportunity to sort your head out.

Plan a new route and do it as an out and back to avoid getting lost.

Change your routes regularly so you don’t end up competing with yourself and becoming over focused on your time.

Vary the terrain to make it more interesting. Go on the road one week and over the trails the next. Choose a flat course another week and a hilly course as a contrast another time.

Have coffee and cake afterwards.

Don’t be afraid to stop and enjoy the scenery. Perhaps take a photo. Appreciate your surroundings.

Listen to music or a podcast if you are on your own.

Take your dog.

Wear the right kit for the conditions, so you are not too hot or too cold. Make sure you have shoes if you are going off road.

Include a walk warm up and cool down and then don’t worry about pace. If you want to walk now and again that is fine

The more you enjoy the long run the more you are likely to get out each week. Increasing your long run is the key to becoming a fitter faster runner.

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