What Does Chatty Running Feel Like?



Just how gently should you run?

The videos show you exactly what Chatty running looks and feels like and helps you to recognise the signs that tell you when you are running at Chatty pace and also when you are going a little too fast.

Chatty pace will be different for everyone and Colin manages to go slow his pace enough to run with Anne on the edge of the beautiful Shropshire hills. You will notice that they can chat away quite happily whilst they run.

They can both say whole sentences without any noticeable big breaths at the end. Running at this pace isn’t’ ‘hard work’ and that is just as it should be. You should finish each Chatty run feeling like you could go out and do it all over again.

If you start to feel ‘breathy’ then slow the pace. Anne gets a bit ‘breathy’ as they go up a hill and she stops to walk. She can still say a whole sentence but she has to take little gasps of air at the end of each one and, all of a sudden, she feels like she is working harder. Taking a short walk break is what her body is asking for. She lets it recover for a minute or two before setting off at Chatty pace again. Not everyone will need to walk if they start to feel ‘breathy’. Slowing the pace may be enough to get back to a comfortable Chatty pace.

Chatty pace really is very gentle and it can be a ‘leap of faith’ to change how you run. Give it a try. Enjoy easy running for six weeks and let us know how you get on.

Next week we will explain what is happening to your body when you run Chatty that makes it the best way to train and improve as a runner.


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