The Benefits Of Chatty Running

Colin and Anne talk about the benefits of Chatty running and the changes that are happening in your body when you run Chatty.

Many people think that you need to train fast in order to run fast and that would seem to make sense. But your body doesn’t work like that. There are a whole host of changes going on in your body when you run Chatty that make you fitter and faster. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Your heart gets stronger and it’s pumping chamber gets bigger so it can pump more blood per beat. Your resting pulse goes down as a result.

2. Your body increases the volume of blood you have by making more plasma. This helps your blood carry more oxygen. This means you can run for longer with your heart beating at the same Chatty rate.

3. More blood capillaries are made that transport the blood to all the cells in your muscles.

4. In your cells, more Mitochondria are made. These are powerful little factories that use oxygen to create energy. They also get bigger and move to the edge of the cell to be ready for the oxygenated blood.

By running Chatty you are developing the ability of your body to transport as much oxygen to your running muscles as it can and for your cells to make the energy you need not only to get faster at running but to help you enjoy life to the full.

If you run faster you are using a different energy pathway that builds up acidity in your body causing fatigue. If you run just a little too fast you may be able to keep going for a while but the runs will eventually make you tired and you can’t do the volume of running needed.

It’s the amount of Chatty running you do that causes the adaptions to happen in your body and your body responds best if you treat it gently.


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