Three Top Tips For Runners

We talk about the three top tips for runners, many of which were chosen by the Chatty Sparkly Runners Facebook group.

Top Tip Number One

It’s better to run too slow than too fast.

This is what Chatty running is all about – slowing down your running so that it is gentle, feels easy and is more enjoyable. At this pace all the adaptions you need in your body will happen to make you a better runner. You can find out about these adaptions here.

Top Tip Number Two

It is not how fast you go but how much you do that will improve your running.

As with any endurance sport, it’s the volume you do that will make your heart bigger and stronger. Running faster is actually counterproductive because you can’t do as much running at faster paces. Keep it gentle, do more and allow your body to adapt and make you fitter.

Top Tip Number Three

Accept that every run will be different.

You can’t expect each run to be the same in terms of your pace or how you feel. Perhaps you are tired from a race, a faster run or an unaccustomed longer run. You will need to run more gently so that you recover. Other factors may impact how you feel as you run and mean that you run at a slower pace than usual. Not be sleeping well can make you feel sluggish or you may have work or life stresses making you tired. If you are fatigued you need to listen to your body and jog, walk or rest.

Thanks to the Chatty Sparkly runners who contributed those tops tips. Why not join them by becoming part of our Facebook group?

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