How To Sparkle Part 2

Colin and Anne talk about why Sparkly runs are good for you and describe some techniques you can practise while you Sparkle.

The ten-second Sparkly runs are great fun and make you smile! They also help improve your running in several ways. 

  • Get you used to running faster and because they are so short, they will not tire you out. 
  • Help you to become a more co-ordinated runner and strengthen your muscles and your connective tissues.
  • Get you to run in a more relaxed, smooth way.

Here are some technique points that you can focus on while you Sparkle.

1. The helium balloon. 

Imagine you have a helium balloon attached to your head pulling you up and improving your posture.  This will lift your hips up and give your legs more room to move. 

2. Fast feet.

This is about reducing your contact time with the ground and getting a little more power in your stride.  Simply pretend the ground that you will be Sparkling over is covered with hot coals and get your feet off the ground as quickly as you can. Don’t forget that to get over the red-hot coals you also have to move forward!

3. Shoulders low and relaxed.  Winning the Boston Marathon!

Before you start your Sparkle pretend you have just won the US Boston Marathon or just run a Parkrun PB. Raise your arms in the air in a victory pose, then drop them to your sides and you will find your shoulders fall back and are in a relaxed position. This is exactly the right position for running so start your Sparkle.

4. Driving your arms back and staying relaxed.

This technique point is best done by describing the correct technique and letting you practise.  Your elbows should be bent at 90 degrees or just a little less and as you run you drive your elbow back.  It will probably go back a lot further than you thought.

Practice one technique point in each Sparkle you do and enjoy the feeling of running fast with a fluent relaxed style.

We love Sparkles and we hope you will too.

You can read part 1 here.

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